Rubber rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa)

Aster family (Asteraceae) | Wildflowers and Herbs plant group | Also known as Chrysothamnus nauseosus
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A large woody shrub with yellow flower s in late summer and fall. Many thin, upward bending shoots give this a plant a broom-like appearance. Found in open areas.

Identification Hints
Rubber rabbitbrush is a large woody shrub covered with yellow flowers in late summer and fall. Flowers occur in clusters of 5 and are small and tubular. The many thin, upward bending shoots or branches give this a plant a broom-like appearance. Stems and leaves are covered in soft hairs that give off a gray-green cast. Leaves are spatula-shaped and long. It typically grows up to 6 ft tall and is found in grasslands, disturbed areas, and riparian areas.
Did You Know?
Rubber rabbitbrush is a popular shrub throughout the west, especially for xeriscaping projects. This plant is also an important food source for wildlife such as deer and rabbits. The original Genus name for this plant was Chrysothamnus, coming from the latin words "Chryso" meaning "golden" and "thamnus" meaning bush. Rubber rabbitbrush flowers can be used to make yellow dye and the stems and leaves have been studied as a possible source of rubber.
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