Smooth coneflower (Echinacea laevigata)

Aster family (Asteraceae) | Wildflowers and Herbs plant group
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Leaves are lance-shaped on this 18-36 in tall plant and topped by a purple flower with drooping purple ray flowers around a prominent cone of dark purple florets.

Identification Hints
Smooth coneflower looks very similar to Purple coneflower (E. purpurea) and you can tell them apart by their leaves. Smooth coneflower leaves are lance-shaped and Purple coneflower leaves are heart-shaped. Smooth coneflower can grow 18-36 in tall, with smooth stems topped by a purple flower. The flowers are made up of a disk of light purple ray flowers (petals) that surround the dark purple disk flowers (the center "cone" of the flower). Flowers bloom between May to August and later produce dark brown fruits called achenes that resemble tiny sunflower seeds.
Did You Know?
The Smooth coneflower is a federally listed endangered plant species found in the piedmont of the southeastern United States. Butterflies and honeybees often visit the flowers for nectar. Smooth coneflower prefers open areas for habitat, especially those with calcium and magnesium rich soils.
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