Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)

Heath family (Ericaceae) | Deciduous Trees and Shrubs plant group | Also known as Miinagaawanzh (Ojibwe)
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Known as miinagaawanzh by the Ojibwe.Low shrub that forms large colonies or patches. Found in dry sandy soil, in open woods, along roadsides and sometimes bogs. Flowers bloom in May to June. The sweet blue berries ripen from July to September.

Identification Hints
Blueberry is found on acidity, drier sandy soils, in open woods, along roadsides, and in bogs. The thin leaves are oval shaped, alternate, and pointed. In May-June, the plant produces clusters of bell-like waxy flowers.
Did You Know?
The Ojibwe traditionally used the fruits for eating either fresh or dried and mixed with other foods. Medical uses include an infusion of leaves as a blood purifier, and placing dried flowers on hot stones as an inhalant to treat "craziness".
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